Poker – a Hand Breakdown

Luckexpress10 vs Ziigmund
Date: Feb 18, 2010
Stakes: $300/$600

Luckexpress10 ($68,500)
Ziigmund ($31,500)

“Luckexpress10” is on the button and raises to $1,800. “Luckexpress10” is raising anything weak as 83 suited to as strong as AQ offsuit. Since the button is such an advantage in heads up it would be a mistake to play tight and wait for a hand. “Ziigmund” reraises to $4,800 out of position and “Luckexpress10” calls the extra $3,000. “Ziigmund’s” 3-betting range is very wide and can be anything from ace high to a random suited connector.

The pot is $9,600 and the flop is 8c 9c 5h. “Ziigmund” leads out for $6,000. “Ziigmund” c-bets most of the time and, in theory, is most likely bluffing. “Luckexpress10” decides to smooth call and could be calling with anything from a single pair to a flush draw. His range, also, is very wide.

The pot is now $21,600 and the turn is a Qs. Any overcards with a Q now has a pair and JT makes a straight. Still most of the draws miss and “Ziigmund” shoves for $20,700 for a pot sized bet. “Luckexpress10” snap calls and shows 8h8d for a flopped set. “Ziigmund” shows AhTd for ace high and a gutshot straight draw. “Ziigmund” has 4 outs to win the pot, any jack. The river is a brick and the $63,000 pot is shipped to “Luckexpress10”.

Dissecting the Hand

“Luckexpress10” has 8h8d and raises to $1,800. If a hand like 83 suited is worth raising, a pair is more than enough.

“Ziigmund” has AhTd and reraises to $4,800. In heads up, a hand as strong as ace-high is almost always going to be better than a hand raised on the button situs idn poker online. In this situation, he is correct and is a 50% favorite to win.

The flop is 8c 9c 5h. “Ziigmund” bets $6,000. With 2 overcards and ace-high, a bet is more than acceptable. Any Ten or Ace is most likely going to be the best hand if hit on the turn. “Luckexpress10” with 8d8h just smooth calls since “Ziigmund” could be bluffing and raising would get him to fold.

The turn is a Qs and “Ziigmund” shoves the rest of his stack. With the turn as an overcard it is a good card to bluff since a Q is in his 3-betting range so often (AQ, KQ, JQ, QT, QQ). It could also get “Luckexpress10” to fold many of the missed draws. In this case, he has a set and is never folding. He snaps calls and wins the pot.

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